Gosh, looking back this blog sure turned into a boys club. Such is the nature of studying pretty much anything throughout history – it’s not to say men accomplished more, but they certainly documented their own successes more often. There were so many rad women rock stars of the era: Janis, Stevie, Patti, Chrissie.  

 I make regular donations and teach piano at a free music school for girls. It’s amazing to have modern rock stars to encourage these girls: Meg White, Haim, Karen O, Beyonce. Investing in arts accessibility for children who have historically been denied support supports the future of arts in general.  

 As a kid my dad listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival in the car, driving down dirt roads, with the windows down. It made him happy. I was happy. I knew that boys could become rockstars because I saw my dad still believing he might still become one. While there’s no shortage of male icons to look up to, I hope that my little contributions to the scene ensure that there are also female icons, new female voices, and personal goals.   

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