Learning to Appreciate

One way to better understand and appreciate this great artistry, is to learn to play an instrument. Whether you already play the piano beautifully but have no guitar experience, or you’re a complete novice to playing at all – learning something new is a great way to respect the skill and talent of those to whom it comes naturally.   

 I used Piano in 21 Days to reach a pretty intermediate-novice level of playing. But the process of learning instilled in me how hard some of my favorite artists have worked to become great at what they do. Sometimes I mentally romanticize musicians to believe that they just sat at a piano one day and out came a symphony – I want to better appreciate the hard work, respect the labor, understand the progress.  

 It’s also worth noting that as we age, we tend to learn less often – convincing ourselves that we’ve reached some sort of apex. Fuck that! Keep learning, keep expanding your mind, keep thinking fresh thoughts, keep at it.